Treatment of Personal Information

(Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information)
The personal information collected and used by the Company shall be handled in accordance with our “Information Privacy Policy”.
The Company will use personal information within the scope stipulated as follows, and by clarifying the purpose of such use, unless the consent of the individual is obtained in advance or the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other such laws and regulations requires otherwise. In the case of personal information other than the following being used, the purpose of such use shall be specified and the consent of the individual shall be obtained.

  1. Personal Information related to our business;
      • Post-production services for TV commercials, TV programs and various media content production
      • Support services for online and mobile advertisements, publicity, and promotions
      • Support services for online video distribution of educational/corporate seminar and event
      • Sales, maintenance and operation of systems and applications
      • Other imaging technology services
    1. The Company will collect and keep your personal information for questionnaire surveys and analysis to improve customer service.
  2. Personal Information related to recruitment activities;
    The Company will obtain and keep the personal information about applicants for employment in relation to recruitment selection and joining procedures. Please note that all submitted documents are not to be returned, regardless of acceptance or rejection for the position.
  3. Personal Information of Employees, etc.;
    The Company will collect and keep the information for various procedures, including HR management, security, health, and welfare procedures. The personal information of retired persons will be retained only for the purpose of confirming the period of enrollment by a public institution.

(Management of Personal Information)
When handling personal information, the Company will assign a personal information protection manager to properly protect and manage such information.

(Consignment of Personal Information)
The Company may outsource part of each business to IMAGICA GROUP – the holding company (100%) – or a subcontractor authorized by the Company, and entrust personal information to the extent necessary. In such cases, the information will be properly managed in accordance with the laws and regulations, as well as the regulations stipulated by the Company.

(Disclosure and Provision of Information to Third Parties)
The Company will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, except as permitted by law or regulation.

(Joint Use of Personal Information)
  1. The Company shall share the personal information of employees with IMAGICA GROUP, to the extent required for job duties.
  2. The purposes of using the personal information of employees which would be shared are as follows.
    ・Various procedures such as personnel and labor management, security management, health management, and welfare

(Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use of Personal Information)
When you request the disclosure of your personal information, the Company shall confirm your identity according to designated procedures then respond to you in writing. In addition, in case the revision, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information is requested, upon carrying out the designated procedures to confirm your identity, we will follow up with the correction.

(Acquisition of Personal Information through Public Information)
The Company may acquire your personal information that has already been made public and contact you using such information, if required for business purposes.

(Contact in regards to the “Personal Information”)

Date of enactment:Apr 1, 2021