We are capable of meeting all your business needs with our abundance of video communication services from corporate TV commercial post-production, video production, and advanced video production, to creating games, animation, and websites.

Evolving video communication and diversifying needs

Video communication, which has continued to evolve at an accelerating pace in recent years, is not just limited to mass media represented by television, but with the development of smart devices is also expanding to and penetrating media where users transmit the information, such as websites and social media.

At IMAGICA Lab., we realize optimal video communication for each customer while responding flexibly to changes, with experienced top creators that provide high-quality Video Production and Video Technology services.


In the Video Production service, we accommodate a wide range of video communication needs required by customers, including – but not limited to – production of corporate video, video for large-scale display, web video, CG video, VR and motion capture, 2D or 3D graphic production, construction of attractive websites to effectively support your business, and more.

In the Video Technology service, we provide high-quality post-production services from top creators for many different video products, including TV commercials. We also provide a video asset management service to meet customers’ needs at any time by taking advantage of our abundant experience since our foundation in handling important video materials and originals, including film, video tapes, and magnetic media.


Services for Video Communication

Video Production Services

  • Video Production
    Video Production
    • Production of Corporate Video
    • Production of Broadcasting Programs and Teasers
    • Video Production for Large Displays
    • Production of Event Videos and CG
  • Production of Advanced Video
    Production of Advanced Video
    • Planning and Production of High-definition VR/AR
    • Video Production of 8K and Other Ultra High Definition
  • Production of Games, Animations, and Amusement-related Visuals
    Production of Games, Animations, and Amusement-related Visuals
    • Production of CG Video
    • Production of 2D and 3D Asset
    • Production of Animation
    • Production of VR/AR Content
  • Web Design
    Web Design
    • Creating Corporate Websites
    • Construction of Owned Media
    • Production of Web Video
    • Development of Smartphone Apps

Video Technology Service