Post-Production for
TV Programs and Online Videos

Leveraging our comprehensive technical solutions including advanced workflows and peripheral services, we provide post-production services for TV programs, online video contents, live concerts and more, on customers’ needs.

Through providing the post-production services, we have been committed to realizing customers’ creativity, in various content genres including variety shows, documentaries, live concerts, and music/quiz/talk shows.
We have evolved along with the TV industry for more than 40 years and continued to offer leading-edge technical services.


Refining our technical skills and knowledge, we propose the appropriate workflows on video production, management and distribution.

In addition to providing high-quality technical services – mainly editing, processing and finishing of video and audio – , we also support state-of-the-art technology, including 4K/8K high-definition video production, and immersive sound processing in 22.2ch multichannel.
As the viewing style of the video contents and the needs of viewers are expected to diversify further, we will imagine the future, work together with customers and offer services that meet their needs.


Services for TV Program and Live Concert Video Production

  • Post-production for TV Program

    Post-production for TV Program

    • Editing
    • Audio Mixing
    • Video File Management
    • Closed Captioning
  • Associated technology of Music live

    for Live Concert Videos

    • Filming
    • Editing
    • Audio Mixing