Announcement of New Corporate Structure

Information Security Policy

IMAGICA Lab. Inc., hereinafter called “our company”, aims to expand the power of contents as much as possible by developing our skills and cultivating the pioneering spirit in order to pursue the possibility of “visual communication”. Understanding the importance of information assets, we consider it our duty to protect all information assets received from our clients. Therefore, our company regulates and publishes our policy as follows and strive to secure information so that we can gain the trust of our clients. We thoroughly enforce this policy with the coorperation between business partners, industry organizations and administrative agencies.

  1. Our company complies with all information protection laws and principals regulated by the government and industry guidelines.
  2. Our company works to prevent risks including information leakage, alteration and destruction before it happens regardless of whether it be accidental or deliberate.
  3. Our company educates and trains all employees to recognize the importance of information security so that they can use information assets properly.
  4. Our company categorizes information assets according to their content and enforces information security measures according to their level of importance.
  5. Our company establishes a purpose of information security to achieve, which is used to evaluate every related department and grade.
  6. Our company continues to enforce the activities listed above and regularly reevaluate information security to counter new threat or vulnerability.

Date of enactment:Apr 1, 2021