IMAGICA Lab. Inc. & GDC Technology Ltd. contract a business alliance Start of electronic delivery for theaters

IMAGICA Lab. Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Katsumi Obayashi) and GDC Digital Cinema Network LLC (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Member and Executive Officer: Fumito Tsukamoto), a subsidiary of GDC Technology Limited, contract a business alliance on electronic delivery for theaters, and have accordingly began preparations for its launch.

IMAGICA Lab. will begin electronic delivery services for feature films and trailers at Cinema Sunshine theaters (operated by Cinema Sunshine Co., Ltd.) using GDC’s system.

This business partnership has enabled IMAGICA Lab. to install GDC’s the “Electronic Delivery System (EDS)”, which has already been installed and operated in Hong Kong market more than 3 years. This system makes it possible to safely and speedily transfer feature films and trailers. Adopting the “EDS” will safely enable cloud-based transferring services of up to 100GB of Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) in approximately three to five hours with 100Mbps broadband internet speed, not to mention making possible for theaters to operate said transferring services without the new investment. IMAGICA Lab., in addition to their proprietary “HONOLUA” system that began services in 2016, aims to expand on their electronic delivery services with the combined operation of their newly adopted “EDS” system.

On the other hand, GDC, under the theme “CINEMA AUTOMATION 2.0”, has continued their research and development regarding the automation of theater operations. And with the development of the “EDS”, long-standing issues regarding the electronic delivery of feature films have been made possible. In light of this partnership, we look forward to the further adoption of “EDS” as a useful and worthy service successor to the currently popular DCP delivery method. GDC will continue developing products aimed towards facilitating the smooth operation of theaters, as well as any other demands required in the film industry.

IMAGICA Lab., for the goal of becoming a visual communication company for the new generation of films, has merged and changed its company name last year. Through this partnership with GDC, the largest installation base of digital cinema servers in the Asian Pacific region and a major digital cinema solution provider with the second largest share in the world, IMAGICA Lab. will continue to use our experience and technology in order to support the needs of customers in this ever-changing film industry.