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Message from the President

We will create the communication and the value created by people, image, and technology in the future.
And we will continue to contribute to the development of image culture.

IMAGICA was established in Uzumasa, Kyoto in 1935 as a commercial lab for processing movie film. We have always walked alongside the history of film, processing image recordings of the Tokyo Trial and the official recording of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. We were one of the first to shift from film to video and are now the largest post-production company in Japan, providing various image production services.

This year on October 1st, 2018, we merged with IMAGICA WEST Corporation, a company based in Osaka that works primarily in our original film-related business, and IMAGICA Imageworks, Inc., whose strength lies in digital content such as exhibition images, CG, and web content, and renamed the company IMAGICA Lab. Inc., kick starting our operations for the next generation.

The name IMAGICA Lab. takes the familiar name of IMAGICA and adds the word “Lab”, both as an homage to the image technology accumulated by our lab since our origins during the era of film, as well as to indicate our firm resolve to remain the image research institution that takes a progressive approach toward the future of image and fulfills customer needs through trial and error.

IMAGICA Lab. will continue to provide services in what has been our primary business, post-production, as well as meet a variety of other needs involved in film production, such as archiving, which repairs and converts valuable historical films so they can be passed down to future generations; film production workflow consulting in line with ever-evolving film production environments, including 4K HDR, 8K, and other high definition film; and cloud storage, which involves sending, converting, and archiving digitized data.

We are working to go beyond borders with SDI Media, the largest subtitle and voice over corporation to deploy Japanese content overseas as well as localize content both domestically and internationally. We would like to actively expand our global business in a variety of forms even further in the future.

Our environment is changing rapidly. The fourth industrial revolution, marked by the advancement of IoT, AI, 5G, and IT, is becoming an undoubted reality that we believe will significantly affect the image industry around us. Amid this change, we will apply advanced image technology and cutting-edge ICT to our foundation of high-quality film technology and human resources accumulated over the years to help make your ideas a reality.

Through this merger and renaming, IMAGICA, always a pioneer in the ever-changing film industry, promises to continue providing our customers with the best possible service as a “image communication company” by instilling each and every employee with the spirit of continual study and searching cultivated since our foundation and taking on the challenges of the ever-changing film industry earnestly.

President and CEO Katsumi Obayashi

Katsumi Obayashi