Advanced Video Technology Service(VR)

360-degree VR stereoscopic vision and stereophonic sound technology create immersive, never-before-seen Image Expression.

High-Resolution VR

Producing VR videos with 360-degree high resolution requires the selection of proper equipment and a shooting plan review. At IMAGICA Lab., experienced staff will provide comprehensive production support from the planning stage.

SADO VR “A tour of cultural treasures” in 4K 360°3D

360-Degree Camera JAUNT ONE

In addition to 8K/360-degree stereoscopic shooting with 24 camera units, the camera has a wide dynamic range of 18 stops, creating cinema-grade image quality. It also comes with a variety of shooting effects, such as a time-lapse function and the ability to shoot at 120 frames per second.

With 16 cameras on the perimeter and 4 cameras on the top and bottom, each with its own ISO sensitivity and shutter speed, it is possible to shoot with a wide dynamic range and no distortions of any kind.

We employ precise calculations and settings so as not to cause VR sickness while users draw out the camera’s full potential.

Stereophonic Sound Technology Ambisonics

A major requirement for VR sound is “head tracking”, which means that the sound follows the movement of the viewer’s head.
Ambisonics is the technology that makes this possible.

The direction which the viewer is facing is fed back, and the viewer can then hear the moving object and the sound from the direction they are facing.

New voice recording that also supports a secondary Ambisonics microphone creates highly realistic and immersive stereophonic sound.

Real-time CG

The use of video with VR technology is expanding not only in the entertainment field but also in the industrial field.
In addition to live-action content, it is possible to make the content interactive by applying the real-time CG content to the actions taken by the person who has experienced it.

Safety Education Utilizing VR

The 360-degree images create an active action of “watching” by the user, which has the advantage of being “easier to remember” and “easier to understand even complex content” compared to passive learning in a classroom or flat screen image.

Reference:E Krokos, C Plaisant, A Varshney (University of Maryland), Virtual Reality,
Virtual memory palaces: immersion aids recall 2018

In addition, by creating real-time CG that enables high-resolution and interactive expressions requires more active participation, therefore making improved retention of knowledge possible.

Furthermore, the head-mounted display covering both eyes and headphones covering both ears shut out any unrelated information in the surroundings, which is also effective in maintaining concentration levels.

By reproducing higher risk workplaces – such as working in high place– using real-time CG, trainees can have an immersive and active experience onsite.

Widescreen Video

Exhibition videos that utilize large screens to simultaneously show multiple immersive video experiences are receiving more attention. It is possible to display high-resolution videos taken with VR on widescreen using multiple monitors or projectors. We can coordinate the entire process, from planning, shooting, finishing, and screening design.

Projecting VR content on multiple screens of different sizes then merging the joints will cover a wide field of view.

Widescreen and sound design can create a more natural and immersive experience.

[Performance: Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra] ©Yamaha Corporation

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It integrates Augmented Reality and other technologies that project objects onto real space to open up a new world of expression.

By integrating 3DCG, motion capture, and hologram technologies in addition to AR, we will expand the applications and image expression of Mixed Reality.

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