IMAGICA Lab. VFX team won the Excellence Award in the 9th VFX-Japan Award 2021 for a live action film, “AI Amok”

IMAGICA Lab. Inc. (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Katsumi Obayashi, President & CEO; “IMAGICA Lab.”) is proud to announce that “AI Amok”, a live action film our VFX team collaborated on, won the Excellence Award in the Theatrical Live Action Film Category in the 9th VFX-Japan Award 2021* organized by VFX-Japan.

©2019 Film “AI Amok” Production Committee

Our VFX team produced 3DCG and composed scenes of a server room with a medical AI system called “NOZOMI”.
“AI Amok” is a near-future suspense film based on an original script. The film’s perspective of the world is vividly expressed by a wide range of VFX works, including vast set extensions and monitor graphics that display over 100 images and texts simultaneously.

©2019 Film “AI Amok” Production Committee

IMAGICA Lab. VFX team will continue to combine the ingenuity and technical skills of each engineer and to deliver images that faithfully and attractively express the world view of the works.

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* The VFX-Japan Award is an award presentation ceremony for a wide variety of CG and VFX images created in Japan. Entries in each category are screened by VFX-Japan staff and industry members, and award winners are selected.
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