Processing of film

35 mm film is said to have a higher resolution of 4K and over, which has been used in filming many TV commercials and others. Especially, it is preferably used to realize film expressions that require affluent tones and a wide and dynamic range that are specific to films.
We offer film related services such as processing to meet such needs.


16mm/35mm Color negative/positive (including camera negative)
16mm/35mm B&W negatives/positives
Push & Pull
IMAGICA TONE (low contrast color film processing for telecines)

Printing (Dry gate /Wet gate)

16mm/35mm color/black and white
Blow- up (8mm/9.5mm/16mm→35mm)
Reduction (35mm→16mm)

Timing (Film Grading)


Repairing/ Cleaning


Re-recording [sound formats(film, tape, data, etc.) → sound negatives]
SO prints
Noise reduction

Formats (original material)

Base: Nitrate/Acetate/Polyester)
Size: 35mm/16mm/9.5mm/8mm
Color: B&W /Color Tinting/Toning/Stencil)
Generation: ON/DN/IN/SN/MP/P

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