1. I have a lot of old visual media but don’t know how get started on archival…

There is an increasing number of cases where old audiovisual media are becoming unplayable due to changes in formats; aside from the physical deterioration similar to other materials.

Important factor to determining the archiving formats are:

  • Format of the original material (16mm, 8mm films, video, etc…)
  • Progression of the deterioration
  • Future use of the contents
  • Goal of the archiving period
  • Environment of storage facility


IMAGICA Lab. provides archival plans, from inspecting your film to determining the media format of the contents.
We service many media formats. Please contact us if an old visual media format is troubling you.

2. We want to restore a theatrical prints for a cinematic re-release

IMAGICA Lab. has years of experience as a cinema film lab since our establishment in 1935.
We have been active in restoration for years and digital restoration since 2003, accomplishing many restorations with our know-hows.

The workflow of restoration is as follows:

  • Original material (35mm negatives, 16mm prints, video tapes, etc…)
  • Condition of the media (severe physical deterioration, damages areas, etc…)
  • Content’s use after restoration (packaged media, re-release, TV broadcast, etc…)

IMAGICA Lab. will provide the best workflow combining optical work and the latest technology Hollywood offers based on our experienced technicians.

3. We want to securely archive our irreplaceable media for the long term…

We would like to introduce to you the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.
UNESCO promotes the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, recognizing audiovisual documents as an important cultural heritage. The cultural value of these audiovisual documents are beginning to be re-recognised and for the first time in Japanese history, a film was named the nation’s important cultural property in 2009.

Films possess the following characteristics:

  • Physical stability under low temperature and humidity
  • Trusted format since its birth
  • Simple record of being able to identify its contents visually
  • Difficult to tamper with, protecting the original intent of its contents

These are reasons why film is being repurposed again; for long-term archival of visual media. (Ref. digital dilemma and long-term archival of digital data) IMAGICA Lab. provides reliable, long-term archiving of your irreplaceable audiovisual documents utilizing the latest restoration technology and printing to film.

4. I would like to digitize and utilize my audiovisual media

Requests for digitizing and repurposing previous audiovisual assets in different areas are increasing

  • Reused as contents for web or mobile
  • Repurposing for stores or building’s visual system
  • For broadcasting

IMAGICA Lab. is prepared to capture and encode with one of the largest production line in Japan for multitude of formats to answer these requests.
It is not uncommon for the transcoding originals to be a mixture of film, video and data.
IMAGICA Lab. is your one-stop service as we house both film lab and video postproduction house. Please feel free to contact us with mixed media troubling you.

5. I would like to review my archival costs for audiovisual media storage

Various costs will occur in maintaining your audiovisual documents to be ready for use. There are increasing cases of clients who would like to reduce maintenance cost by digitizing analog media such as film.

Digital media, however;

  • Migration is constantly required as formats change
  • Constant power supply is required for safely storing HDD data
  • Multiple backups are necessary for media with no long-term archiving accomplishments

These are cases of increasing maintenance cost. (Ref. Digital dilemma and long-term archiving optimal data). In order to keep the maintenance cost down, it’s good to recognize film’s reliable results over the years in optimal environment for accomplishing long-term storage.

It is also plausible that digital storage will be a cost effective way, balancing out archiving and frequent utilization of its contents:

  • Frequency of data takeouts
  • Archival period
  • Quality of the original audio and visual

Please feel free to contact IMAGICA Lab. if you are looking to review your maintenance costs.

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