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Treatment of Personal Information

Personal information will be acquired and utilized within the scope of the “Personal Information Protection Policy” mentioned below.

(Utilization Purpose)
Excluding the cases of using personal information under the person’s consent in advance or the exceptions made under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations, our company use the personal information within the following purposes listed below.

  1. To perform post-production business mainly involved in feature films, TV commercials, TV programs, event videos and other types of movies as a contracted business
  2. To conduct resarch and analysis for the purpose of improving customer service
  3. To confirm the enrollment period of those who retired for the public agencies

When we use the personal information for the purpose unspecified above, the purpose of usage is disclosed to the individual to obtain their consent.

In addition, our company may entrust a part of business operations to subcontractors with personal information necessary for the subcontractors to complete the operation. In this case, we make appropriate management of the information in accordance with the laws and regulations as well as terms defined by our company.

(Disclosure and provision to a third party)
We shall neither disclose nor provide any personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual unless permitted by law.

(Disclosure, revision and unsuspension of personal information)
Our company shall disclose personal information of the individual when the request is placed by himself of herself and their identification is verified through our set procedures. Moreover, should the situation arise that individual wish to revise, delete, or unsuspend the disclosed personal information, our company shall accept the request after their identification is verified through our set procedures.

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