Production Technology Service (Movies/Drama series)

Our post-production service for finishing various video works – completion at the highest level. Our specialists demonstrating high creativity in video works of all genres collaborate together to produce videos that go beyond expectations while understanding the director’s intentions. With an abundance of knowledge, we can keep up with evolving video resolutions such as 4K, 8K, and HDR.

Arrangement of shooting, staff (photographer, photographic assistant, DIT/DM), and equipment rental

Experienced staff will coordinate the best shooting staff and equipment according to your budget and schedule. In addition, a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and DM (Data Manager) will provide support for the backup and management of recorded files. We are capable of handling a file base that is continuously updated with a wealth of knowledge.

Film Processing

Compatible with 16/35mm film development, telecine, and scanning. We respond to customers’ needs with solid trust based on performance since our establishment.

Film Processing Service


CG/VFX has become indispensable to video production. VFX producers, CG directors, CG artists, and 2D/3D compositors who belong to IMAGICA Lab. will create scenes to match the director’s intentions, collaborating with the post-production workflow of movies and drama series.


A professional team of editors, compositors, mixers, and more with high creativity and reliable operation skills, topped with the highest-grade equipment available in Japan, will provide consistent production.

Color Grading

The knowledge and experience of image color expression cultivated through film timing are passed onto color grading, creating a deep and unique worldview. Two rooms for theatrical film screen grading and three “ONE”(*1) rooms specializing in drama series are available in order to quickly finish large capacity HDR/4K works.

*1 ONE: This is a finishing room with an independent data server which allows seamless editing and grading for large volume projects.

Production Technology Service (Movies/Drama series)

Contents Production Sales Group, Sales Department, Entertainment Business Division(Gotanda)
2-14-1 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo #1410022

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Production Technology Service (Animations)

In 2013, we have established Ogikubo Animation House as an animation-only editing studio. In addition to theatrical animation films, we are able to support customers’ needs for TV animation and independent animation with our solid performance and capacity. Using our proprietary network technology and software developed in-house, we support our customers to improve the environments for production and material management.

Video Production

Our experienced editors can support your video production. From recording and live distribution of musical events by voice actors and musicians, to the creation of a complete package including the post-production process, we are capable of handling a wide range of production requests while cooperating with our group companies.



We provide everything from online to offline editing, from TV animation to theatrical animated films. Our experienced staff can provide consistent production quality at Tokyo Imaging Center in Gotanda and at Ogikubo Animation House that is Ogikubo’s animation editing studio.

Color Management/Grading

The Japanese animation is watched all over the world. Proper color-space management is a very important factor in delivering high-quality Japanese animation to viewers around the world. At IMAGICA Lab., our special staff dedicated to color management can propose a production environment according to the needs of each customer and provide calibration services for the master monitor. We also offer screen grading and special grading for “Dolby Cinema™” and HDR works.

Production Technology Service (Animations)

Contents Production Sales Group, Sales Department, Entertainment Business Division(Ogikubo)
7F Shibusawa-Ogikubo Bldg., 3-3-3 Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Contents Production Sales Group, Sales Department, Entertainment Business Division(Gotanda)
2-14-1 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

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Distribution Technology Service
(Digital Cinema/VOD/Packaged Media/Localization/QC/Material Storage/Advertement)

The highest capacity in Japan and a reliable quality control system allow us to optimize the products for each of our clients, for all vectors including digital cinema, VOD, packaged media, and more. In addition, we cooperate with group companies to provide various localization services, including subtitles and the production of dubbed versions.

Digital Cinema

As a pioneer of digital cinema services in Japan, we have been working on DCP creation and delivery, KDM distribution, and theater screening support for a number of theater screens for about 20 years. Foreseeing the evolution of video/network technology, we quickly turned to working on distribution services for theaters, with steady results.


We accept all formats and provide any conversions or processing required to distribute the contents across a variety of platforms. Realizing the highest capacity and most efficient workflow in Japan, we offer a variety of support services, from encoding/transcoding to metadata management and the creation of thumbnail images.


For numerous DVD/BD titles, we have had experience in authoring, menu design, pressin, and more. In addition to supporting high-quality master productions and UHD BD authoring in coordination with the post-production process, we can expand to create bonus content and merchandising/production support services for the retailer of such packaged products in order to further focus on the packaged products business.


A wide range of support is available through cooperation with our group partners, from outbound localization (subtitling and dubbing) for Japanese content going overseas to inbound localization (subtitling and dubbing) for content imported from abroad, as well as closed captioning and audio description. In addition, Remote ADR is also supported, which records dialogue/narration over a network line from remote locations, including overseas. In February 2020, we opened the “IMAGICA SDI Studio” as a new base for Japanese edition dubbing production at Shiodome, and we work on expanding resources with a focus on our cutting-edge recording and mixing equipment with the experienced staff.

Master QC

We provide QC work and reporting services according to the needs of each customer. A wide range of services are available, from over 100 evaluation criteria and the industry’s highest level of QC, to spot QC with a higher priority on large volumes and fast delivery. With a state-of-the-art viewing environment complete with HDR-compatible monitors and Dolby Atmos Home audio equipment, our staff that are experienced in video processing technology will accommodate all your needs.

Material Storage/Operationa

We support all kinds of material storage, from physical warehouse storage to data storage using the cloud. Utilizing our proprietary systems such as TASKEE – a cloud storage service combining various functions suitable for managing and utilizing image and video files – we provide a range of one-stop services, from safely storing your important video assets to the conversion/processing of data for different types of use, and delivery to a variety of distribution platforms.

Services for Advertisement (trailers, online data submissions)

We offer a wide range of services in the production of theater trailers and TV spots, from editing, narration recording and audio mixing, to DCP mastering, copying, theater delivery, tape copying, online data submission, and delivery to broadcasting offices, which many trailer production companies and film distributors enjoy.

Distribution Technology Service
(Digital Cinema/VOD/Packaged Media/Localization/QC/Material Storage/Advertising)

Media Distribution Sales Group, Sales Department, Entertainment Business Division
Contents Production Sales Group, Sales Department, Entertainment Business Division(Gotanda)
2-14-1 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

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