We design, develop, and produce sales promotions, provide post-production work for advertisements, and meet the needs of customers seeking communication through image.

IMAGICA Lab. shoots TV commercials as well as provides high-quality post-production services such as CG/VFX, compositing, and MA together with highly experienced creators to help create various forms of image communication.

Providing services that cater to evolving image communication

Evolving rapidly in recent years, image communication has expanded to a point where it is no longer distributed through mass media but through websites and devices such as smartphones by users via social media and other platforms.
IMAGICA Lab. realizes the optimal form of image communication for our customers, providing high-quality post-production services from our top creators.

We also utilize our experience as a film processing lab, storing valuable film material and original copies and establishing network-related services for creating safe data management, such as HDD rental and HARBOR.

To further utilize image and achieve more effective and efficient image communication, in recent years we provide various web-related services including sales promotion image, large-scale image, appealing website design, and other services for the expanding market.
We will strive even harder in regard to the latest image technologies such as VR and motion capture, assisting our customers in strengthening their image communication.



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SP/OAP Production Large Video Production Online Video Production

Advanced Video Technology Project

VR/AR Production

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