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We will combine the expertise accumulated over the years in the film industry since our foundation with state-of-the-art digital technology to help archive precious image footage from our customers that ought to be left for future generations.

IMAGICA Lab. was established in Uzumasa, Kyoto as a commercial laboratory for processing motion film, and the spirit stemming from our origins as a film lab remains in our corporate DNA today.

Combining film and digitalization to offer services, from creating new film to restoring and archiving old film

The Osaka Production Center is our main film service provider. We understand the intent behind our customer’s work and help to turn it into something even more amazing as pioneers of image born from the fusion of film and digital.

We work not only with the new but with the old, inspecting the customers’ image assets, suggesting ways to prevent film degradation using film technology cultivated over many years.
Repairing and archiving creates new opportunities for precious image works to be utilized both in Japan and abroad.



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