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Corporate Philosophy

Joined by images; the image making connections
Joined by people; the people making connections
IMAGICA Lab. design the future of image communication

IMAGICA Lab. is taking a new step forward to become the image communication company.
Ever since our establishment in 1935, each and every employee is instilled with the spirit of continual study and searching amid the ever-changing image industry.
Even after over 80 years, our philosophy hasn’t changed.
From image archiving that passes down image from the past to the future to cutting-edge image services of the future such as AR and VR, IMAGICA Lab. connects time through image.
In the image industry that changes with the times, IMAGICA Lab. will design professional and creative solutions built together with our customers using the latest technologies as well as future video communications from a variety of angles with our many business partners.
Shouldering this is each and every employee, delivering to each and every customer.

From the past to the future
—A new history of image starts at IMAGICA Lab.